Woodfibre thermal insulation

The challenge

Build a new pre-school child care facility for 20 children aged six months to three years. One part of the building to be used as multipurpose space. Required was an area for meals and a kitchen, in order to provide lunch and thus full-day care.

Our solution

A timber building with 480 sqm of useable, heated area, including exterior walls covered by render and painted blue and yellow. 100-mm GUTEX Thermowall was used as plasterboard. The roof is insulated with GUTEX Ultratherm, which is installed over the rafters, and is complemented by blown-in woodfibre between the rafters to produce a substantial course of insulation.

Project features

  • Net floor area: 591 m2.
  • Primary energy source usage (as per EnEV abbr.: QP): 107 kWh/(m2*annually).
  • Roof U-value: 0.13 W/m2K.
  • Wall U-value: 0.15 W/m2K.
  • Diffusion-open wall and roof insulation with woodfibre insulation.
  • Town manages its own woodland (3,415 ha), thus preferred using wood.
  • Insisted on using woodfibre to insulation against heat and noise.

Construction solutions

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