GUTEX woodfibre wall and roof insulation

The challenge

Client desired an indoor tennis facility to permit the tennis club to practice and play year round. In addition, the client specified a quality facility with leisure atmosphere, low energy cost and multipurpose usage of the facility for other events. Plans called for a large three-court facility built using Swiss pine and high-eco woodfibre insulation for passive-house energy-efficient performance.

Our solution

Seventeen hundred cubic metres of insulation give the structure passive-house efficiency, with forty centimetres of GUTEX Thermofibre blow-in woodfibre insulating the walls and roof. As a result, energy costs are extremely low, at about 1500 euros annually, which is comparable to a new single-family home.

Project features

  • Large 2300-sqm three-court tennis facility with space for 1,100 spectators.
  • Built to allow later addition to accommodate 3,000 people.
  • Heating costs approximately 90% less than comparable conventional facilities Constant annual temperature of over 15 °C.
  • Useable area is 2,284 m2, space (volume) is 14,572 m3.
  • Roof U-factor = 0.10 W/m2 K.
  • Wall U-factor = 0.11 W/m2 K.

Construction solutions

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